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Recipes, Rubs, and Seasonings

Here are a few of our Family's favorite recipes, as well as the rubs and seasoning that we use (and sell) to make them.

Our Family Recipes

Wallowa River Sand
Smoke & Spice Rub

"We switched over to using Wallowa River Sand Smoke & Rub a year ago.  It is a locally owned and operated family business in Wallowa, Oregon.  Many of our customers are sensitive and/or allergic to MSG, this rub is MSG free! Not only does this mix taste great, but it is extremely versatile. We use it here at the shop and at home! It is used on our retail meats, in our food trailer, and at home on our eggs, potatoes, burgers, and on so much more!!" -Billy & Kaleen



Check out their brochure here

Or go directly to their website here

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