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Billybob's & Stafford's Custom Meats

Our Owners

Producing & Processing meat since 1992. 


Billy and his wife, Kaleen Oldridge, are the owners of BillyBob's Butcher Shop in downtown Elgin, OR. As well as the newly purchased BillyBob's & Stafford's Custom Meats on Hwy 82, located outside of Elgin. They also raise their own beef cattle at the BKO Ranch, outside of Summerville, OR. 

Billy's got his start in the butchering industry in 1992 at Block 40 Meats in Moses Lake, WA. The couple decided to open their own shop in the quaint town of Elgin, where Billy had grown up with his mother and stepfather Bob (Hence the name BillyBob's). BillyBob's Butcher Shop opened on Sept. 5th, 2017. The business was booming and needed to expand operations, so they took ownership of Stafford's in August of 2021. Currently the downtown shop (BillyBob's Butcher Shop) has the retail storefront, and BillyBob's & Stafford's is the main USDA & custom processing facility. 

Butcher's Cuts
Butcher Hanging Beef
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